Interview with Tamba Hali

TC: Hi Tamba, Once again I would like to say thanks for agreeing to this. I am hoping that this interview will draw more interest in our group from Chiefs fans in the UK and Ireland.​ How are you? What have you got up to in the offseason?

TAMBA HALI: I’m doing well, I’ve been living in Kansas City, running my record label Religion Records. I’ve been training with my trainer and working out with the team taking care of my daughter being around my family that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing. Haven’t really traveled except for the trip to Hawaii for the pro bowl.

Obviously last year was a tough year, on and off the field. What do you think you have learned from last season?

I learned you can have good players on your team but it still takes team chemistry to win games. I learned that you should always put God first because he’s the author of your life, he knows what’s to come and he will guide you through it. The situation with Javon Belcher was unfortunate.

​Personally, How did you rate your own performance? You went to the pro bowl, How was that experience?

Last year was a tough year for me mentally, physically, personally, I was dealing with a lot that I didn’t expect. That was one of the toughest years I’ve ever been through as far as a player and a person. I wasn’t pleased with my the way i performed last year. I believe I could have played a lot better than what I did.

What are your early thoughts on the Reid and Dorsey reign? There is alot of talk from others of us possibly mirroring the Colts performance of last year.

I believe in what our owner is doing, I believe he made the right decision to bring in an experienced coach and an experienced general manager. I don’t want to say we’re going to mirror what other teams have done I think we have a team built to win right now and the pieces he brought in are going to help contribute to our success we long for since 2010.

The reason I say from others because every tweet you seem to send out is regarding the journey to Metlife. Do you think that a Superbowl appearance is a real possibility?​

Yes, I believe we have a team that is built to go all the way to the Super Bowl I believe we needed a few more pieces to help us do that and when I tweet it I truly mean it. I mean I think it’s unheard of to to have a 1500 yard rushing yet win two games. I’m not pointing any fingers but I think it takes a whole team effort to win games in this league special team, defense, offense.

What did you do for the draft? Is that something that all pros keep an eye on?

I hung out with my daughter and my girlfriend. I’m not sure but I checked it on espn mobile to hear the news.

Whats the plan from now until training camp? Will you be able to squeeze one more holiday in?

The plan is to continue to work and get better to continue get in the best possible shape I can play at and the weight that I love to play at, that’s the plan. Vacation I don’t really take much I have too much going on so all focuses on football for now.

Do you think the game and the rules are now in favour of the offence?

I think that’s football, football is an offensive game I think it takes special teams that play great defenses to play the game within the rules but the rules are always going to be favorable to the offense. We also know times have changed so the rules are going to change.

Do you have any routines for games day, or superstitions?

Yes always pray before games I think the biggest routine.

Who’s the toughest player you have faced?

​I’m not sure, I can’t remember the toughest player I’ve faced before to indicate, I think everybody’s good.The tight end that used to play for Denver, Graham Mcdaniels maybe was the only the battle that was significant in the trenches.

Right thats enough serious football chat. I have got some questions that some of our members have wanted to ask you. Which are your favourite and least favourite stadiums in the NFL? (excluding Arrowhead)

Denver favorite,Oakland least.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

I run a music label Religion Records.

Have you ever been to the UK? Does the International series games at Wembley appeal to you?

No. Would love to travel around the UK.

Do you like soccer? And if so do you have a favourite team? If you don’t have a team you are now a honoury Arsenal fan.

Yes I am a soccer junkie. I love Arsenal. I play with them on FIFA all the time.

If you didn’t have football, What would you have been?

A musician

For our members including myself who have never visited K.C can you recommend any bars or restaurants?

YaYA’s located in Overland Park. Love their food.

Favourtie film, song and TV show?

Film: fearless staring Jet Li

Song: beach chair jay z

Tv show: davinci demons right now. Love the Rome series when it came out a few years back

Favourite team mate?

Derek Johnson & Justin Houston.

If you were an offensive player, what position would you want to play?

Offensive line

Favourite Quote?

Do the small things and the big things will take care of themselves

Star wars or Star Trek?



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