Interview with Dustin Colquitt

Tom: First of all I want to congratulate on a great season, the play of yourself and the special teams was big contributor to the Chiefs success.

How did it feel not to be involved in a contract negotiation on franchise tag day? If I remember rightly yourself and Dwayne Bowe signed on this day last year?

Dustin: My contract expired with the Chiefs that year in February, so it was difficult acting like I wanted to go elsewhere & test the free-agent market. Andy & John both told me they wanted me back & quite frankly I wanted to stay. I’m glad things worked out because KC is my home now. My wife & 5 kids love it here just as much as I do.

Whats the plan for the off season? When do you go back to work?

Usually my off-season starts off in Florida. I try & unwind from the long season & just enjoy waking up next to my wife & cooking the family breakfast. My dog loves the beach so we try & get her down playing in the sand. When March hits I’m back to work, after-all there are kids coming out of college trying to take my job.

How was the locker room after the loss to the Colts?

Everyone in the locker room was devastated after the playoff lost to Indy. We train so hard for that chance to win a championship & when you come up short like that-not on your own terms-the wind seems to get knocked out of you.

Were you disappointed not to be sent back to the pro bowl?

I would love to get back to Hawaii & the Pro-Bowl-God was showing off when HE made that place!! It’s just more fuel to the fire, it’s always nice getting the nod from your peers, so hopefully I go again soon.

Where do feel the Chiefs need to improve to go to the next level?

One of the biggest keys to success in the NFL is good coaching; the other is having a solid group of guys that want to make a habit out of winning. We have that now in KC & I believe the nucleus of veterans that we have on our team mixed with the young talent John Dorsey keeps bringing here allows us to stay competitive.

Growing up did you and Britton always know you were going to be punters or did you fancy playing another position?

Obviously punting runs in our family…Britton & I grew up playing soccer. Actually, that was my first love & most of my scholarship offers came from soccer schools. God has a funny way of letting you know HIS plans for you trump our own. Other than throwing the (soccer)ball to the back post- I prefer using my feet so punter/kicker was all I ever wanted to be.

The Quarterback position has the Manning’s and punting has the Colquitt’s. Which family will end up with more Superbowl rings?

Don’t tell my buddy Peyton…but I hope the Colquitt family has more rings than the Mannings!!! I’d like to start my collection this year!!

What is it like having to face your brother twice a year? Do you consider the Broncos as your biggest rival because of Britton?

It’s always great seeing the little bro at the games. We keep so busy during the season & with our families that it’s nice to have that 5-10 minutes to see him before the games. I pray for him constantly when he’s out there punting, so it can be a little stressful too. There’s nothing quite like sending the Broncos back on the plane to Denver with a loss!!

Whats your feelings about Ray Guy being inducted to the hall of fame? Long overdue?

Ray Guy was the first punter that people use to wait till after he punted to get a beer. He was a pure ball striker & deserves any punting accolade out there. Long overdue.

What should we expect from the 2014 Chiefs?

We lost some good players to free agency this year. We’re asking some young players to step into some very important roles & I think they will answer the call. One thing that our coaches & management did in 2013 was gain depth at every position. That is the building blocks of a consistent football team. Guys are going to go down from time to time & we have to reload & keep working our butts off. As I said before, winning is something you have to make a habit & losing is a disease. We choose to Win everyday we drive in to the practice facility & do everything we can to better ourselves.

In my opinion you are the best punter in the league, who do you think the top punters are?

There a lot of good punters in the NFL. It all comes down to a good drop & confidence that’s built in practice & applied in the game.

Do you follow any other sports?

My first love is soccer as I mentioned, it’s hard to watch because I miss it, but I follow it more than anything.

What team do you support?

I bleed blue for our in-state Sporting KC here in the States & grew up a huge Man U fan.

Being British I have to ask you for your thoughts on the international series?

I think the international series make a lot of sense. London would be a great market for football, but soccer has such a strong-hold there & will always be King(or Queen). The first thing I look for when the schedule comes out is to see if I play in a bunch of cold places late in the season & if I’m headed over your way!

Finally I hear stories of players not recognizing the kickers and punters as ‘real footballers’. Do you think if punters gave more hits like Pat McAfee on Trindon Holiday their opinion would change?

I found out along time ago everyone wants to be a kicker except on game day. That was a great hit by Pat, but I know when punters do that often enough they are considered free game after that so I just try & talk them over to the side line. The sideline never missed a tackle!

Cheers, God Bless, & Go Chiefs

Your Punter

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