Thank You Chiefs Kingdom for the Weekend of my Life

By Tom Childs

Well well well, where do I begin? What a weekend that was! Everything was perfect. From Friday morning until the early hours of Sunday morning everything went above and beyond all expectations. Want proof? Well here is the plan for the weekend that we posted on our website Thursday night.


Chiefs bus tour – Check
Chiefs pub party – Check


Fan forum with Will Shields and Christian Okoye – Check
Chiefs Halloween party with game 4 of the World series – Check


Green Man – Check
Chiefs beat Lions – Check, check and more check.
Game 5 watch party – Check
Royals win World Series – Check


See what I mean! Everything from start to finish was perfect. The game was amazing. The NFL and the Chiefs did an amazing job of bringing the Arrowhead atmosphere to London. Every single neutral inside Wembley started rooting for the Chiefs once the chop started. Normally blowout Wembley games have terrible atmospheres. Not at this game though. From start to finish the Wembley crowd were behind the Chiefs. A fact that made me extremely proud as a Chiefs fan.

Now I am not a massive baseball fan, but to witness 150 Royals fans euphoria of winning the World Series was something I will never forget. Group chants of ‘Lets go Royals’ echoing in a London casino at 5.30 in the morning will stick in my head forever. A great moment in my life. Thank you Ned Yost and co for making that possible.

If the sporting fans was amazing, the company was even better. To finally put some faces to names I have been talking to for nearly three years has to be the best part of the weekend though. Fans from all over the globe were in attendance at our events. All of which were members of our group. We have such a tight little community at Arrowheads Abroad that talk so often when the Chiefs are playing. Meeting people for the first time didn’t feel like meeting a stranger, but seeing a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Uniting the Kingdoms was the aim. Add another check to our list.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone I met this weekend in making this weekend an unforgettable one. I will take these memories with me to the grave. It truly was a weekend of a lifetime. Next up for Arrowheads Abroad? A trip to KC in 2017. The Kingdoms will unite once again.

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