A Man and His Cave

With the NFL gaining more and more followers over here in the UK, many fans are starting to find more and more merchandise appearing all over the UK for their chosen team. It can be very expensive and difficult to ship items over from the USA which can often deter fans from ever ordering merchandise or memorabilia. But if you look hard enough you will unearth NFL themed gems cropping up all over the UK from sports cards, to sports figures, mini helmets, footballs etc.

There are many fans who love collecting items, or like to dedicate a room in the house to their chosen team, these rooms (without wanting to sound sexist) are more commonly known as “Man Caves”. I like to think that Chiefs fans show the love of their team better than any other fan, purely because we love our team more than anyone else right?

Well I’m no different, so I decided to start a Chiefs collection full of NFL sports cards with autographs, pieces of game worn jersey and limited edition serial numbers. It’s a collection that has grown over time and only started when I bought my first autograph card of Christian Okoye. I treasured it so much that I bought a protective case for it and kept it hidden away. But then I thought “This really needs to be displayed so that everyone I know can enjoy it.” I then started looking for other Chiefs cards of Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry, Knile Davis and just kept picking them up in the deepest darkest realms of eBay and UK card collecting groups. I’d obviously got the bug which was now spilling over into collecting Chiefs mini helmets and figures, I was hooked!

Whilst at the Chiefs game at Wembley I chatted to fellow Chiefs fans about their own personal collections and was surprised to hear about wide ranging collections from things such as Chiefs jersey’s, ticket stub’s, hat’s, signed football’s, flags … you name it there were fans everywhere that had some sort of collection that they had kept quiet until now.

I was shown some fantastic pictures by a Chiefs fan in his “Man-Cave” the place was filled full of Chiefs cushions, banners, flags, neon signs etc with a huge TV and mini fridge for those long games. It was’t a huge room, but it was pure Chiefs heaven.

So the moral of the story is that no matter how large or small your Chiefs collection is, the fact that you’ve dedicated time, money and effort to showing your support is a testament to yourself and something you should be proud of.

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