A Chat with the Opposition – UK Broncos

By Tom Childs

Today I caught up with Dan from the UK Broncos. Yeah that’s right. We have some Broncos fans here too. I had a few questions for him ahead of Sunday’s showdown in Mile High.

How big a loss is Talib and Ware for the Broncos?

I think Ware’s exit last week definitely contributed to the loss against the Colts. He has been a sack machine this season and has been putting pressure on all the QB’s the Broncos have faced this year. This was not the case in last week.

Talib’s suspension is a great loss as he is leading the league in interception return yards and is also the team leader in interceptions. It was the correct thing to do though, his actions last week were not what you would expect from a professional athlete.

Who should the Chiefs fear the most?

Brandon Marshall. He’s a great player who is leading the Broncos in tackling this season. The Linebackers are a force to be reckoned with this season, alongside Danny Trevathan and Von Miller. Stopping the run will be vital.


Which Chief scares you?

Personally I fear a QB who can run! Alex Smith showed how good a Quarterback he is at Wembley, all be it against the Lions. Denver struggled defending against Luck last week, who picked up some vital first downs.

Is Manning done?

It’s sad to say but I think this will be Manning’s last year in the NFL. He has struggled with injury for a while and this is obvious on game day. I think we can expect the same as last week, however hopefully with a few less picks! I am looking forward to see him break the record this weekend (pretty sure he will) as he is a brilliant QB.

Where will this game be won or lost?

I think from a Denver point of view the game could be lost on the offence. This year has not been great for Manning and particularly in last weeks lost again the Colts, the offence are not scoring enough points. If the Denver defence can replicate their performance from the first 7 games of the season and also with the home field advantage, the Chiefs will struggle.

And finally, a score prediction?

23 – 17 to the Broncos.

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