Can the Chiefs win the Superbowl?

For those of you looking for a technically in depth dissemination of the Chiefs and the football we are playing at the moment, sorry but that’s not what you’ll get here.

As they say in the movies, “this is not the article you are looking for, move along”. Massive apologies to George Lucas by the way.

I think there are two answers to the above question. In the sort term, I think the simple answer is no. Long term, why not. Stay with me and I’ll explain. We all know the football we are playing at the moment is not of a consistently good enough quality to beat the teams we will need to get to a Super Bowl. Right now i just don’t see us beating the Donkeys twice in the regular season, then, realistically in the playoffs then probably the Cheatriots, sorry Patriots. Right now there are too many mistakes happening. There are too many fumbles and dropped catches and neither Offensive or Defensive lines are playing they way we need them to.
I also feel for Alex Smith. With what we saw at the back end of last season, particularly the performance at Arrowhead East, so much was expected from him. Maybe that is the issue though. Maybe as fans we are expecting too much from him and he is having difficulty living up to the weight of expectation. Maybe that is the issue for the whole roster. Was last season too early a success for them? I don’t know.

Will the return of Jamaal Charles make any difference. I am a great believer that one man does not make a team. Whilst it is great to have him back, we have to appreciate he may never be the player he was. I hope I’m wrong and I will be ecstatic to be proven wrong.

With the form we are showing at the moment I have my doubts we will make the playoffs but, just look at the turnaround last year. We are still early enough in the season to turn things around, but I really feel this will not be our year.

Moving forward, can we win a Super Bowl in the future? Of course we can. To do so, I think there are likely to have to be changes in the personnel on and off the field. Back to Alex Smith. I think we are at the point we need to decide, is Alex the guy to win us the big prize? If so, fine, lets all get behind him and give him the weapons he needs to get us there. If the answer is no, we need to rebuild using the next draft and free agency etc to get the guy we need. The same goes for the likes of Jamaal Charles, Eric Barry, Justin Houston, etc. Truth to be told, this is true for every member of the Chiefs roster.

We all know the rest of the NFL doesn’t give us the respect we deserve. I doubt that will change, but this is something we should use to our advantage. I feel we need to have in place a comprehensive plan for, say, the next three years. We need to state our goals and identify who or what we need to bring in to achieve those goals. Whilst we as fans always want success now, there comes a time we all need to work together for the greater good.

The other question that has to be asked is, are John Dorsey and Andy Reid the men to guide us to the Super Bowl? I genuinely don’t know the answer, and I would suggest that there are people within our group who are more qualified to answer that question than I. I would say though, if they aren’t the men to guide us, who would we bring in to replace them? That is probably the most difficult question of all to answer.

There is absolutely no reason why we cannot win another Super Bowl. There are though, changes I feel need to be made. The timescale for another win is the great unknown, although maybe this will become clearer as the season progresses.

For now though, it’s onto the game against the Raiders. GO CHIEFS

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