Welcome to the Kingdom Pat Mahomes

We all knew that eventually John Dorsey and Andy Reid was going to find a Quarterback they thought was worth of investing a first round pick in. Well in former Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes II they found a QB that was worth investing two first rounders in.

 Those two picks plus a third rounder this year was the price the Chiefs had to pay the Buffalo Bills to jump to 17 spots to 10th overall last night.  First round Quarterbacks would be at a premium with as many as 9 teams entertaining the idea of drafting their ‘Quarterback of the future’.

The Chiefs have been interested in Mahomes for a long time; there was no doubt about it. Reid pointed to the fact that during Mahomes 6 hour visit to KC they ‘threw the kitchen sink at the kid and he threw it right back’ and that they ‘really liked the kid.’

 Speaking of throwing come the 2018 season the ‘Hail Mary’ can be added to the Chiefs playbook. Mahomes insane arm strength and raw gun slinger attributes will bring any time of pass play from any part of the field into play. The exact opposite of Alex Smith who’s lack of big play ability sometimes frustrates us Chiefs fans.

 As for Alex, he has no reason to be worried about Mahomes right now. Alex is still our guy and could be for another two years. The ‘kid’ will have to use these two years of sitting behind a seasoned veteran wisely. Smith does a lot of things very well; it would be wise for him to take in as much advice as possible.

 Another reason to love the trade is that it tells us something about how Dorsey and Reid view their own futures. This pick isn’t the type of choice a Coach and GM in a win now mentality makes. The pair obviously sees Mahomes as the future of this team, and they will want to be there to see it materialise.

 As fans the key thing for us now is patience, yes we are excited to see our new QB in action, but we have to understand that Mahomes is no way near the finished article, in fact he’s much closer to the opening paragraph than the sign off.  Alex is under contract for two more years yet so it is very possible that we won’t see Mahomes under centre for the Chiefs until 2019.

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