The Kingdoms Reunite Tour

It’s here, It’s finally here! Our first group trip to Kansas City!

When Arrowheads Abroad was formed the idea was to stage a group trip to Kansas City 10 years after the groups founding. Due to the success of the group and the Chiefs trip to London in 2015 this has been accelerated. Here we are just five years after Arrowheads Abroad birth all ready and packed living for the end of the week and the start of the Kingdoms Reunite tour.

Over the course of Thursday and Friday over 20 British Chiefs will be making the trip across the pond to the Mid-West, many of which have never met. Even as the founder of Arrowheads Abroad there is a few people on this trip that I have never met. But it is our common love for the Chiefs that will unite this group of strangers for the weekend of their lives.

I was fortunate enough to fly over to KC in 2014 to witness the Chiefs destroy the Raiders 31-13, the highlight of which was a De’Antony Thomas punt return for a TD. The game was great but it wasn’t the 3 hours of football that made the greatest impression on this Brit. It was the people! Never have I felt so welcome. American customer service is highly regarded all around the globe but for Kansas City it’s not just customer service, everyone’s hospitality made me feel so special during my trip. Almost a home away from home. This has been the point I have been so keen to get across to our members making the trip.

As we are on the subject of hospitality I feel it’s necessary to give a shout out to the Chiefs organisation. They have been instrumental in the planning of this trip. Without them this could have been a logistical nightmare to plan. Thanks to them it has been relatively plain sailing.

At some point this weekend I am sure you will see us dotted around KC. You will know it’s us by the Union Jacks trailing in the wind. If you do see us please come and say hello. Being one of the least popular teams in the UK means seeing other Chiefs fans in the flesh still remains a rarity for us. We want to shake your hand, we want to know your name, we want to hear your stories and most importantly we want to know your opinion on the best BBQ joint in town.

Finally Chiefs Kingdom you have one final job for us Brits this weekend. Bring the noise! We want to know what 142.2 decibels sounds like.

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