Fan Friday – Member Profile – #1 Stuart Fletcher

NAME: Stuart Adam Fletcher


LOCATION: Telford, Shropshire

OCCUPATION: Resin Floor Installer & Olly Murs tribute act.

CHIEFS FAN SINCE: 2015 after a trip to KC to see my family.


FAVOURITE EVER CHIEFS PLAYER: Christian ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ Okoye. I played RB for a time at amateur level so I admired his game and how good he was. But also his background of extremely humble beginnings, very inspiring!!!

FAVOURITE CHIEFS MEMORY: A short time as a Chiefs fan so it has to be staying awake to watch the victory away to Atlanta and that Eric Berry ‘Pick 2’

WORST CHIEFS MEMORY: Not being able to go to Wembley : ( I think I’ll regret that for a very long time. I was just too late starting to be a fan.

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOUR SELF: Being a singer I’ve got some fantastic memories. Living in Spain, getting flown to various destinations to perform, but it has to be performing at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall where some of the biggest names past and present have also performed in a show me and a friend produced and directed our selfs. Stressful at times but sooo worth it! What a night that was!

OTHER SPORTS TEAMS: Kansas City Royals and Sporting Kansas City of course. But also my beloved Liverpool FC. I regularly drive 2 hours to watch them and although it’s frustrating at times it’s all worth it.

YOUR PERFECT NON NFL SUNDAY: Easy… relaxing with the misses and family after a Sunday roast and a few beers, It’s the little things in life.

3 PEOPLE TO TAKE ON A DESERT ISLAND WITH YOU: 1, Jim Carrey to lifts spirits when you’re down. 2, Bear Grylls the survival expert for obvious reasons and 3, Salma Hayak… for obvious reasons ; ).

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