Fan Friday – Member Profile – #2 Jon Cartwright

NAME: Jon Cartwright

LOCATION: Southampton, England

OCCUPATION: Financial services


FAVOURITE CURRENT CHIEFS PLAYER: Has to be Eric Berry – an awesome player to begin with, then the fight back from cancer to be as good as before. The pick- 6 and pick-2 combo against Atlanta last season was just brilliant. Signing him to a big extension was the highlight of this off-season.

FAVOURITE EVER CHIEFS PLAYER: So many great players, and we could probably all run off a similar list. But I’ll say Tamarick Vanover – that first year I was following the Chiefs and just watching highlights where I could, he scored a long range punt return touchdown to seal a divisional game against the Chargers. The most exciting moment of my first year as a sort-of Kansas City fan – and the first player on the team whose name I actually knew!

FAVOURITE CHIEFS MEMORY: How can I choose… so many good ones!
…the whole of the Wembley Weekend when we met lots of fans who’d come over from KC?
…the 2011 win over the undefeated Packers which was the game that really sealed my fate as a committed hardcore fan?
…watching us thrash the Broncos, with a group of new friends, a Boulevard Beer and a plate of burnt ends at the John Brown Smokehouse in NY?

WORST CHIEFS MEMORY: The 2012 season. Things just seemed to grind from bad to worse each week. I was on holiday when the season started and had to make an effort to find a place with WiFi to check the week 1 score, only to find we’d been caned at home. Weeks of poor play, ending up with fans hiring a plane to fly a ‘Fire Pioli’ banner over the stadium, and worse still a minority of fans cheering when Matt Cassel got injured. Then the Jovan Belcher suicide. At the time I hadn’t met any other Chiefs fan in the flesh, and often wondered why I was putting myself through following this dysfunctional team from the other side of the world!

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOURSELF: I was the 1991 Cambridge University Air Guitar champion! Had one heck of a head of hair back in those days…

OTHER SPORTS TEAMS: From growing up in the North West, St Helens for rugby league and Liverpool for soccer. Plus a slight affinity for the Toronto Maple Leafs as I got to see a couple of their ice hockey games while I was briefly working in Canada.

YOUR PERFECT NON NFL SUNDAY: I’ve got one coming up – cooking a big Sunday roast, having a few friends over to gorge on the food, then we’ll be chilling after lunch watching the cyclists in the Tour de France slog over a mountain or two!

YOU CAN TAKE THREE PEOPLE ON A DESERT ISLAND: In case we’re stuck for a while, I want some entertaining company. Lots of options but I’ll take one each from music, film and sport – Robert Plant (singer from Led Zeppelin, some stories to tell there from days on tour), Julian Glover (played a bad guy in Star Wars and Indiana Jones and Dr Who and a Bond film – not a bad CV), and Len Dawson (you remember that guy? Superbowl champ and MVP, Hall of famer, and all time great Chief…)

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