Chiefs Artwork – Anime Style

Here at Arrowheads Abroad we love hearing about fans from outside of the USA and why they support the Chiefs. Every story is normally different from another but one thing we all share is our love for the Chiefs. In my opinion there is something special about the Chiefs Kingdom. I honestly believe it is more like a family than a fan base.

A few weeks ago I was scrolling through Twitter when I come across some Chiefs artwork that instantly took my eye. I mean it had the same impact on me as Chris Sembower’s work for example. I just thought ‘wow, I need to see more.’

Instantly I wanted to talk to the artist. Via Twitter I met Hatakeyama Hideyuki, an artist from Niigata, Japan. I found out very quickly that there was a clear language barrier between us but that is the glory of the internet, especially Google Translate.

Hatakeyama has been a Chiefs fan since 1990 since he first saw Christian Okoye run the ball. His favourite piece of artwork is this anime picture of the Nigerian Nightmare.

Of all of the current Chiefs players on the roster Tamba Hali is his favourite and has also been the subject of Hatakeyama’s art.

When I asked him how he believes the Chiefs will do in 2017 he replied that ” Poe, Charles and Maclin are huge losses but the Chiefs Defence is strong.”


Please check out the gallery of some of Hatakeyama’s work and follow him on Twitter.

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