Fan Friday – Member Profile – #3 Gemma Teale

NAME: Gemma Teale



OCCUPATION: Civil Engineer

CHIEFS FAN SINCE: 2013 – I realised I supported the Chiefs when I noticed they were the only team that made me angry and stressed when I watched them… when they went on to lose so brutally in the playoffs I knew this was my kind of team! I used to watch a lot of NFL when I was little but never had a team as such, though I do have an old Raiders shirt from a visit to LA when I was about 11….

FAVOURITE CURRENT CHIEFS PLAYER: Not sure how ‘current’ this will be for long but I have a real soft spot for Alex Smith to be honest, I like that he’s not necessarily the star of the show but he’s tidy and I like his leadership and his attitude. I hope he gets a good season in this year at least.

FAVOURITE EVER CHIEFS PLAYER: As a relative newbie I’m going to have to be completely unimaginative and go for Jamaal Charles, even after going to the Broncos…

FAVOURITE CHIEFS MEMORY: Wembley – especially as I was with my Lion’s supporting friend! Great experience and great to watch the season be kick started in person.

WORST CHIEFS MEMORY: That playoff match – as well as being basically my first memory as a Chiefs fans, it’s still a hard one, we need to get to the big match and make some new happier memories!

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOURSELF: I can’t think of anything at all! I’m very boring!

OTHER SPORTS TEAMS: I’m a (association) football obsessive, my teams are the mighty Brentford FC and Slough Town FC and I have a season ticket for both.

YOUR PERFECT NON NFL SUNDAY: Nice walk and a few pubs with family and friends.

YOU CAN TAKE THREE PEOPLE ON A DESERT ISLAND: Assuming this is a desert island that was previously used as a personal island for a millionaire, and that we’re in a timeless fantasy land of some kind… I would take my partner to keep me sane, Nigella Lawson to keep me fed and entertained, and Einstein to keep my mind running. Not much to ask!

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