Fan Friday – Member Profile – #4 Neta Davis

NAME: Neta (knee-tah) Davis


LOCATION: Born & Raised in KC Area. Currently live just outside Peculiar, Missouri

OCCUPATION: Witron Software User Training & Support for International Paper


FAVOURITE CURRENT CHIEFS PLAYER: Tie between Tamba Hali & Dr Larry


FAVOURITE CHIEFS MEMORY: All the years my girlfriends & I traveled to River Falls, Wisconsin, for training camp. More than once we ran into players at local bars & restaurants. Plus, you could sit so close to the practices. St Jo pales in comparison.

WORST CHIEFS MEMORY: Watching the Chiefs play MNF versus Denver in 1998 with coworkers from around the country on a business trip in Indy–this was the game where Derrick Thomas completely went off the rails because of whatever smack talk Shannon Sharpe was laying down. Totally talked up my team and they embarrassingly let all of Chiefs Kingdom down that night.

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOURSELF: I used to work at the parimutuel track in KC and hosted Trifecta Thursdays on the in-house TV broadcast.

OTHER SPORTS TEAMS: Getting back into the Royals. Also like Green Bay Packers.

YOUR PERFECT NON NFL SUNDAY: Traveling to a new destination with good food, wine, & spirits.

YOU CAN TAKE THREE PEOPLE ON A DESERT ISLAND: My husband because he can engineer almost anything, Chef Joe West of Stock Hill in Kansas City because he can cook the hell out of anything, and Melissa McCarthy because she makes me laugh.

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