Fan Friday – Member Profile – #5 Luke Kiff

Name: Luke Kiff

Membership number: 005

Location: Brighton

Occupation: Digital Response Consultant

Chiefs fan since: 1996

Favourite current Chiefs player: Alex Smith

Favourite ever Chiefs player: Derrick Thomas

Favourite Chiefs memory: our first play off win in 22 years vs the Texans!

Worst Chiefs memory: 2-14 2012 season!

Interesting fact about yourself: I don’t have any, I’m quite boring to be honest!

Other sports teams: Brentford FC

Your perfect non NFL Sunday: A roast and Super Sunday Football

You can take three people on to a desert island with you, who and why: Eminem, Tom Hanks & David Beckham! 3 of the best people in there professions for me growing up!







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