Fan Friday – Member Profile – #7 Neil Blair

Name: Neil Blair

Membership number: 007

Location: Dublin

Occupation: Lab Manager at the opticians you should have gone to.

Chiefs fan since: 1993

Favourite current Chiefs player: Chris Jones. He’s going to be a monster in this league if he can gain consistancy. He also seems like such a fun guy off the field.

Favourite ever Chiefs player: If I had to choose one, I’d say Tony Gonzalez but massive tip of the hat to Tamba Hali and Willie Roaf. Tony G was just an incredible difference maker at TE, he changed the way the position was played.

Favourite Chiefs memory: So many choices, I think games I’ve attended would have the strongest memories. For the week that’s in it, I was tempted to go with attending a Raiders game in Oakland and wearing my Chiefs jersey to it. I’ve never experienced such hostility and hatred from anyone before or since! But, I’m going with 2008, Chiefs v Denver at Arrowhead. This was an awful Chiefs team, we went 2-14 on the season. Denver were coming in to Arrowhead as strong favourites. 4th Qtr and Chiefs lead 16-13. Tony Gonzalez makes an acrobatic catch for a touchdown, but landed badly on his neck. He was down for maybe 5 minutes and the whole time the crowd were just chanting Tony, Tony, Tony. It was emotional stuff!

Worst Chiefs memory: Attending Season openers. So much hope or expectation that this could be our year. 2011, home to Buffalo, we had the best team we’d had for a number of years (which was a low bar to start with). Eric Berry blows out his ACL early in the game, done for the year and the season goes with it. Lost 41-7, at home in what was supposed to be a very winnable game. I’d also throw in an eerily similar season opener against the Titans in 2014. DJ and Mike DeVito both lost to torn achilles for the season within a matter of minutes and we lose to one of the worst teams in the league, missing out on the playoffs by 1 win.

Interesting fact about yourself: I once played cricket with Snow Patrol.

Other sports teams: Football, that would be the once mighty Manchester United. Cricket, Yooooooorkshire.

Your perfect non NFL Sunday: Pancakes for breakfast then hanging out with the wife and kids.

You can take three people on to a desert island with you, who and why: Dara O’Briain and Michael Palin for entertainment and Taylor Swift for, er, her singing.

What does Arrowheads Abroad mean to you: It’s a community of kindred spirits. Like having another family that understands why you have to get up at 1:30am to watch the game and can’t just record it and watch it later.

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