Derrick Johnson is a Raider

We heard it may happen and now it actually has. Derrick Johnson the 13 year Kansas City Chiefs is an Oakland Raider. The Chiefs’ all time leading tackler generated little interest after his release from the Chiefs earlier this offseason, but now has a new home in the Chiefs biggest rivals.

We shouldn’t be surprised. Jon Gruden has slowly but surely built a very experienced roster, and in DJ they have one of the best inside linebackers of his generation.

Yes we all know this will hurt Chiefs fans, but at the end of the day football is a business and DJ has to do what is best by himself. It’s just a shame he couldn’t of found a home elsewhere.

This is now the second offseason in a row that a future Chiefs ring of honour inductee has joined an AFC West rival. As much as we love Derrick Johnson, we will all be secretly hoping that he has the same impact for the Raiders as Jamaal Charles did for the Broncos, minimal.

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