Eric Berry returns to the field

Here’s a story to make you smile, Eric Berry is back!

Just 9 months after tearing his Achilles in the week one win against the Patriots, Berry was back participating today in the Chiefs voluntary OTA’s.

The health of Berry had been a concern for most of us in the Chiefs Kingdom, but it looks like he will be back to full fitness in time for training camp this July.

Berry’s return couldn’t have come soon enough. The former ‘comeback player of the year’ is the heartbeat of the Chiefs Defense. He is the glue that holds it all together. We saw last year how much of a disaster the Chiefs secondary can be without #29 in.

I have no doubt that the 2017 season would have had a completely different ending had Berry stayed on the field. The moment he went down the Chiefs Super Bowl chances were slashed, and rightly so, we’re talking about an All-Pro here.

Let’s hope that now Berry is back, a completely revamped defensive unit will have a much more successful 2018 season.

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