Have the Chiefs had a ‘JR Smith moment’?

Cleveland Cavaliers player JR Smith committed a blunder for the ages last night. With the scored tied and just a few ticks left on the clock, Smith had the ball in his hands just feet from the basket. The task was an easy one, shoot the basket and give Lebron the game 1 victory he deserved over the heavily favoured Golden State Warriors. Instead Smith had the ultimate brain fart, thinking the Cavs were ahead he stupidly ran out the clock. The opportunity to put the Warriors away in regulation had passed. Golden State would go on to win in overtime.

But Tom what has this got to do with the Chiefs? Good point Tom! Let me get to it.

This did get me thinking about the Chiefs and whether or not they have ever had a ‘JR Smith moment’? Yes there has been some dramatic losses due to individual mistakes, but not too many mental errors. The closest I think the Chiefs have got to this was in the 2015/16 AFC Divisional Round game against the Patriots. Down two scores with just 10 minutes to go, Andy Reid and Alex Smith unforgivably led the Chiefs on drive that took over 9 minutes off the clock. Predictably the Chiefs could not recover the ensuing onside kick and the season was over. Given the circumstances the Chiefs showed a particular amount of naivety in that drive. A naivety that proved that particular squad was not ready for a championship run.

So there you have it, arguably one of the greatest coach/quarterback combos in Chiefs history is responsible for the Chiefs very own ‘JR Smith moment’. Have I forgotten one? If so let me know in the comments.

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