Welcome to the new ArrowheadsAbroad.com

Welcome to the new Arrowheads Abroad website. The Arrowheads Abroad team are delighted to show off our brand new website. So what is new about the new ArrowheadsAbroad.com?

Well, to begin with we have moved to a different site provider. This will mean that the blog will be quicker and easier for us to update, so expect a lot more content from British based writers who love the Chiefs as much as the rest of us.

Due to demand, we have also added a member’s blog. This is there for each and every one of our members to have their say on all things Kansas City. If all of a sudden you want to rant or rave about the Chiefs in the form of a blog post, send it our way and we will share your thoughts with the rest of the Chiefs Kingdom.

The member’s blog will also be the home for a our continuing member profiles. Each and every Friday we will be profiling a new Arrowheads Abroad gold member.

Not to get left behind, Arrowheads Abroad has also moved into the world of YouTube. During the season we will be uploading all different types of content including member predictions, instant reactions and of course, all of those all important gold member prize draws.

Over the coming weeks we will be adding more and more to the site including quizzes, competitions, a fan gallery and a brand new Arrowheads Abroad shop. As ever, if you have any ideas for the website then please send us a message. After all, this is a fan built website for fans.

Enjoy Chiefs Kingdom.

The Arrowheads Abroad team

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