Rhythm is a dancer, so is Travis Kelce

The NFL’s first and only dead part of the calendar year is upon us! It’s the time of the year where people like you and I try our hardest to source absolutely anything to do with the Chiefs, just to keep us entertained. It’s almost like supporting this team is an addiction.

Desperate times causes for desperate measures. Hours have been spent crawling through all the different types of social media for anything Chiefs related. It was on this journey that I come across this little gem.

It must be said that I love all of these moves but there is one obvious one missing!

God loves a trier, right Brian Witzmann?

So how did Travis Kelce learn to dance so well? Well back in early 2017 during an interview with Fox, Travis had this to say – “I feel like when it comes to celebrations, it’s usually something I did when I was a kid — something I grew up doing on the playground, something from the ’90s that everyone can almost relate to.”

Well Travis, we want you to keep on strutting your stuff. The NFL is meant to be entertaining, your dances make it a little more so.

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