NFL Top 100 – Hill & Hunt make the top 40

Finally we get our first look at Chiefs players in the 2018 NFL Top 100 players list and it’s already caused some discussion points amongst fans.


Tyreek Hill entered his rookie season in 2016 by producing 593 total yards at an average of 9.7. Hill’s explosive speed and exciting punt returns earned him a pro bowl place and a spot at No.36 in the 2017 Top 100.

So with that in mind you would expect Hill with his stats doubling last season (1,183 total yards at an average of 15.9) to be much higher in the Top 100 placings, right? … wrong!

Hill enters the 2018 season four places lower at No.40 which has left some Chiefs fans scratching their heads.

It’s certainly a strange one, but if anything, this will only fuel the fire for Hill to prove his peers wrong in 2018.


What a year Kareem Hunt has had, from initially being the backup RB to Spencer Ware during preseason, to getting his chance in week 1 against the reigning Super Bowl Champions, only to fumble his very first carry in heartbreaking fashion.

Now be honest, at that precise moment who predicted Kareem Hunt would slay the Patriots on their home turf and go on to rack up the most rushing yards of the 2018 season? … anyone?

Hunt has had a stellar season and went on to break many records very early on in his rookie career. During his debut against the Patriots, Hunt broke the record for the most yards from scrimmage of any player during their debut (246, previous record was 217) and is the only player in NFL history to score a Touchdown of 50 yards or longer in each of his first 3 games.

Regardless of whether you agree with the placings or not, as we head towards the 2018 season, one thing is for sure … I’m glad they’re on our team!

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