Ranking the offensive rankings

Over the past few days there has been a number of different rankings released for offensive groups of the NFL. Obviously different formulas would bring us a variation of different rankings, none of which giving us a definitive ranking accounting for all offensive pieces.

This is where I jump in! To give us a more clear ranking system I have pieced together a total rankings that uses three very different ranking systems.

For offensive line play I have used the results from PFF’s offensive line rankings, for QBs I have used the index used by NJ.com, and finally I have used ESPN’s ranking system for offensive weapons (TE,WR and RB).

To come up with the final ranking I added up the total amount of positions handed out to each team, with the top offensive units receiving the least amount of points. I hope that makes sense.

Let’s check out the results.


So not quite the lofty highs of number 1 given to us by ESPN, but 9th is certainly a position I can work with going into a season with basically a rookie quarterback. Had NJ.com been a little higher on Mahomes then we could have possibly jumped a couple of positions. Had they been Chiefs Kingdom high on Mahomes, then we would be top 3 easily.

One thing that did jump out to me is how easy the Patriots seem to have it every single year. All three bottom positions are occupied by the other AFC East teams. No wonder Brady & co make the postseason all the time.

So do you think this is a fair representation of the NFL’s offenses? Or have I got this completely wrong here? Please leave your comments and let me know.

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