Fantasy League Dilemmas – Chiefs Edition

If you’re like me you’ll be eagerly anticipating the start of Chiefs training camp and the preseason games rolling into our lives. There’s a lot to look forward to in the next few weeks, but one question still remains … who the hell do you put into your NFL Fantasy League team?

Over the last few season Chiefs fans have been fortunate as they gained tremendous value from their fantasy draft picks. In 2016 fantasy team owners who took a chance on rookie sensation, Tyreek Hill, were rewarded for their loyalty as Hill proved that he wasn’t just a one trick pony by becoming a receiver after initially being the Chiefs punt and kick returner earlier in the season.

Fast forward to 2017 and a certain rookie named Kareem Hunt exploded onto the scene in week 1 against the Patriots and continued to be a force throughout the season, eventually becoming the overall leader of the league in rushing yards during the regular season. His message to NFL fantasy team owners everywhere … “You should’ve picked me idiot!”

Now this is where the dilemma begins …

It was no surprise to many that the Chiefs went Defense heavy in the 2018 NFL Draft, in fact nearly all of the Chiefs selections were for defensive players (apart from Khalil McKenzie who transitioned from DT to OL, but technically he was listed as a defensive player). So with no new offensive Chiefs players to select in the 2018 NFL Fantasy Draft the already well established offensive talent (Hill, Kelce, Hunt) from the Chiefs will already be on every Fantasy teams wanted lists. With that in mind, here are a few Chiefs players that could provide good value for your fantasy team.


It’s no surprise that we start with the Chiefs new QB1, Patrick Mahomes. With so many fantasy owners still unsure about Mahomes’ abilities it might be the perfect opportunity to select Mahomes in the later rounds. QB’s are normally selected in the mid to late rounds in a fantasy draft so if you plan on holding your nerve by bagging Mahomes later on, you could pick up some quality WR’s/RB’s first whilst everyone is picking up Brady, Rodgers, Brees & Co. There’s no doubt that “Pistol Pat” will rack up the yards and touchdown passes, but the question still remains, will a large number of interceptions damage his stats?


Although Sammy is not an unknown in the NFL world, there are fans out there that don’t seem to rate Watkins as an elite wide out. Many talking heads have a belief that the Chiefs are overpaying their new WR and that the contract doesn’t match the players production. This could be something that fantasy owners will also pick up on and could mean that Watkins is overlooked for many fantasy owners. But as any Chiefs fan knows, with Watkins speed and Mahomes’ rocket arm, this could be a deadly combination!


Conley has been going about his business with the Chiefs in a somewhat quiet fashion, although his touchdown stats haven’t been that impressive over the years, his work rate and safe hands have made him a very valuable and dependable player indeed. Alex Smith even said last season that losing Conley to injury in Week 5 of the 2017 season could’ve contributed towards the Chiefs very noticeable slump in form. Conley is a big presence when it comes to his route running and ability to protect the catch, thus removing the ability for the opposition to intercept. Conley has a lot to prove in 2018 with the arrival of Sammy Watkins, but it’s something that Conley can achieve with a new QB that observes the whole field of play.


You’d be forgiven if you had forgotten about Spencer Ware, with the success of his replacement Kareem Hunt. Last year Ware missed the entire season as he recovered from a horrible knee injury, however some are saying Ware may well be used as a 1-2 combination in the backfield with Hunt in 2018. Some fantasy owners may question Ware’s health and may pass up on his services once he returns. Ware will be watched like a hawk in training camp as the team assesses his recovery, but after seeing some of his workout videos on social media, it looks like Ware is on the road to a full recovery. Word of warning though, he could easily be placed on the PUP list at the start of the season, such is the fine line of his recovery process.


What can you say about D.Rob other than the fact that he has been the favoured receiver of Patrick Mahomes on so many occasions last year. Chiefs fans know Robinson all too well after witnessing him catching ‘THAT PASS’ from Patrick Mahomes against the Denver Broncos in week 17. In fact if you watch any Chiefs highlight videos of Mahomes you will notice that Robinson is almost always on the end of Mahomes’ passes. D.Rob’s ability to complete a route and then have the intelligence to help his QB extend the play by remaining open, cannot be overlooked. Robinson was a huge threat in the end-zone for the Gators with his height and safe hands. I can almost guarantee that D.Rob will be a late round fantasy draft pick all because of the fact that the Chiefs will no doubt use Hill & Watkins the most, but as a slot receiver it could be a straight fight between Conley & Robinson.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas as you make your own player selections and draft strategies, let us know who you think will be a sleeper as we welcome the new 2018 season… I’M SO EXCITED!

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