A run of season defining games?

Every single year there always seems to be a run of games that we all look at with sometimes unwarranted fear. The irrational fear that us Chiefs fans have become so accustom to. This fear will no doubt rear its’ ugly head, as we look at the seemingly impossible task of winning three, maybe four games in a row against hardened opponents.

Yes these run of games can prove season defining but not always. But what sticks out is the calibre of the opponents and how the Chiefs deal with the pressure of coming up as underdogs against a fancied foe. Let’s take a brief look back at some previous tough runs of fixtures before looking at 2018’s equivalent.


As soon as the 2017 schedule was released a run of 4 games stood out like a saw thumb; Steelers at home, Raiders away, Broncos at home and Cowboys away. Could the Chiefs pull out a couple of results in this titanic run of games? Unfortunately not. The sole win would come against a hapless Trevor Siemien led Broncos side on Monday Night Football.

Did this run define our regular season?

No but it did pave the way for a serious confidence knock that took a long time to shake off.


But if we look back at the season before, the Chiefs faired a lot better during their run of ‘tough’ fixtures. A run which essentially saved their season. 2 consecutive roads wins in Denver and Atlanta followed by convincing win at home to the Raiders.

Did this run define our regular season?

Yes, it meant the Chiefs headed into the ‘easier’ part of their schedule as heavy favourites for the AFC West title, and could allow themselves a mishap or two.


A 2-4 or 3-3 record would have been seen as a favourable start to the heavily front loaded part of the 2015 season. However an opening day win in Houston would soon be followed by defeats to Denver, Green Bay, Cincinnati, Chicago and Minnesota.

Did this run define our regular season?

Somehow it didn’t. This team showed incredible character as they went on an historic 10 game win streak and secure a playoff berth.

As for 2018?

Immediately you look at the opening three games and your nervous system goes to work. 2 road games at the Chargers and Steelers are followed by the visit to Arrowhead of the rejuvenated 49ers. So not only have we got the excitement and anxiety of Mahomes’ first season of this being ‘his team’, but we also have the monster task of playing three highly rated teams straight off the bat; one of which has been the Chiefs kryptonite for a number of years, one is a tricky affair against another young quarterback, and the other is a road game against many people’s division favourites, in what is expected to be an extremely closely run AFC West race. Every single divisional game is played with extra importance this year, as often these games can decide playoff spots. This year will be no different.

Should Mahomes get out of the block fast then expectations of this team will rise as quickly as ‘It’s coming home’ did in the UK single charts has this past week. If he stumbles out of the blocks to an 0-3 start then many may (wrongly I must add) to question the Chiefs decision to part from Alex Smith a year earlier than they had to.

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