You should be excited about Mahomes, not worried.

Over the past couple of weeks there has been plenty made of Patrick Mahomes throwing interceptions in camp. Sadly this has impacted some Chiefs’ fan’s opinion on our shiny new quarterback. Almost a daily occurrence these days, a number of Chiefs defenders have been the beneficiary of a wild or illadvised throw courtesy of Mahomes. Even still, there is literally no reason whatsoever to be concerned.

After years of having the safest quarterback in football, parts of the Chiefs Kingdom are struggling with the transition across to a riskier and ultimately more aggressive style of passing attack. Better the devil you know and all that. It would take a very naïve type of person to believe that the Chiefs could have the best of both worlds. Unfortunately pushing the ball down field will lead to more turnovers, it’s how the game works. Eventually a gunslinger is going to get second guessed.

That being said, this isn’t a reason to be worried about Patrick Mahomes. Yes, he is throwing multiple picks in some practices, but the keyword in that sentence wasn’t multiple, it was practice; because practice is exactly where you want Mahomes to be testing himself. So what if he is a bit off with his judgement every now and then. Let’s not let ourselves get bogged down in negativity in August, that’s what January is for! The problem with the world in general is that as a society we would sooner focus on the one negative rather than the 20 positives that preceded it. Let’s change our way of thinking together Chiefs Kingdom.

As long as Mahomes continues to grow and learn from his mistakes then there really can’t be any complaints. Peyton Manning threw 28 interceptions in his first year, whilst Jemarcus Russell threw just 8. Further proof that interception numbers in the early years of a quarterback’s career mean diddly squat, as long as the man looks to be improving.

If you want to hear some more on the subject be sure to listen to this week’s edition of the Arrowheads Abroad podcast, as Brad Symcox and myself talked some more Mahomes, the wide receivers, and the encouraging signs from the defence.

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