Texans @ Chiefs – Ones to watch

After 7 months of pining for Chiefs football we can finally welcome the Chiefs back into our lives. Looking to play a big part in our this are a group of players that are keen to break into a full time role. To do this they will need to make the most of the opportunities preseason provides.

Whilst the starters will feel comfortable in the fact that they currently hold all of the cards, there will be a number of players that will be going for their job. Football is a team game, but it’s also a dog eat dog world. That being said we have each decided on an offensive and a defensive player that needs to make the most of their opportunity more than most.

Tom Childs

Tanoh Kpassagnon

It’s not like the Chiefs haven’t invested in pass rush of late. Since Reid come to town the Chiefs have spent a first round pick on Dee Ford, and second round picks on both K-Pass and Breeland Speaks. In 2018 the organisation will be looking for a return on their investments.

Very much a project, Tanoh Kpassagnon now has a full year under his belt of learning the tricks of the trade of playing outside linebacker. By all accounts he has had a very good camp. Let’s see if he can put it all together tonight.

Demarcus Robinson

Having recently made a bet with the Brit Chief about Demarcus Robinson, I have a vested interest in how he performs this coming season. Although I am not quite on the hype train a lot of Chiefs fans are, I am still hopeful for the third year receiver.

The noise out of Chiefs Camp is that he has been making the right strides this Summer; and could be the next man up should something happen to Conley, Hill or Watkins. This preseason will be the opportunity for Demarcus to showcase that he can take over games. Do the business with Chad Henne & co, then surely his opportunity in the regular season will come sooner, rather than later.

Neil Blair

Eric Murray

Injuries happen to all teams, at those times it’s a next man up philosophy. This week Dan Sorenson injured his knee and he’ll be out to start the season. This is a great opportunity for Eric Murray to step up And make that position his own. Sorenson was ok last season, but was picked on as the season went on. Having an upgrade there would be very beneficial in pass defence.

Murray is a CB converted to Safety, he should have the coverage skills that Sorenson lacked. Now we need to see him step up and take that position for himself.

Cameron Erving

I was happy and sad to see Zach Fulton go to the Texans in the off season. Happy he’d played his way into a decent contract, sad because I liked what he brought to the Chiefs. The ability to be reasonable across the line and better than that in one position should be a highly valued skill set.

It looks like Erving has the chance to be that guy next. He’s been used across the line in Training Camp, as a former 1st round pick should have either plus ability or room to grow. I’m not sure he’s a starter for us, but as long as he’s adequate filling in, then he’s going to be valuable to this team.

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