Chiefs defeat the Falcons – We get the full Mahomes experience

We all wanted a guy that could sling it deep, right? I think it is safe to say we have that guy now.

The highlight of the Chiefs 28-14 win over the Falcons was of course the 69 yard bomb from Patrick Mahomes to Tyreek Hill; you should expect to see many replays of this particular play in the coming week, but it is safe to say that we got the full Pat Mahomes experience last night. There was points left on the field, there was an interception, there was touch throws, there was scrambles, there was inexperience; but most importantly to us fans who want to be entertained, there was a deep pass for six to Tyreek Hill.

In days gone by deep throws like that were more about hitting and hoping for the Chiefs, not anymore.

After a rather disappointing first half from both sides of the ball, the Chiefs needed something to stop the inevitable negative cloud heading their way. With under a minute to go in the first half and with the Chiefs lined up on their own 31, Mahomes unleashed a monster of a throw that travelled a whopping 69 yards in the air. There is only one player in the league that can get on the end of these type of throws, luckily in Tyreek Hill we have him. In days gone by deep throws like that were more about hitting and hoping for the Chiefs, not anymore.

How different will the Chiefs look like this season with that type of pass in our arsenal. With that one pass warning shots were sent around the entire league. Defensive Coordinators all over the land are now desperately trying to work out how 11 guys can successfully defend an entire field on every single play. It won’t be easy.

And just in case you was wondering what Jalen Ramsey thinks of this throw…

With the Chiefs having all of the momentum going into the half, the second and third stringers did a really nice job driving forward and taking the game by the scruff of the neck.

Chad Henne once again impressed as he went 8/10 for 85 yards and a score. Suddenly the thought of having Henne in doesn’t look as daunting as it once did. On the other side of the ball Ben Niemann built on his solid week 1 performance, intercepting a loose pass and taking it back to the house despite a last ditch shoe string tackle attempt from the referee.

Yes the Chiefs won the game but overall we can’t be too pleased with the first half performance. Was it not for the Falcons’ greediness on a couple of fourth downs this game could have been out of sight at the half. None the less this will not stop the Chiefs Kingdom rolling with the Mahomes hype train, especially after a throw like that.

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