The Chiefs sign Orlando Scandrick

The Chiefs announced today that they have signed former Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick.

Whether this was a reaction to the Stevie Nelson injury or the lacklustre play of the Chiefs defenisve backs so far this season, Andy Reid felt that help was needed.

Ever since the Chiefs traded Marcus Peters, rightly or wrongly we have all been concerned about the state of the Chiefs secondary. Here we are three weeks from the start of the season and none of that doubt has been lifted.

The stats suggest that Scandrick will not be the answer to our defensive woes. PFF ranked with a score of 41.5 last season, for clarification David Amerson’s score 39.7.

Does this mean that the Chiefs pursuit of Bashaud Breeland is over? More than likely. But to be honest no one knows what that guy is playing at. He’s after a deal he simply won’t be getting.

None the less Kansas City now has another body in the secondary to work with. We’ll wait and see if it is for the better.

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