Bears backups outclass Chiefs starters

It’s preseason, Chiefs fans shouldn’t worry about losing in preseason, right? … well that depends on whether you look at the final result without looking at the actual performance itself.

Andy Reid said before the game that the Chiefs Starters would play a full three quarters, whereas the Bears Head Coach, Matt Nagy, advised he would only play his backups. Chiefs fans could be forgiven for licking their lips at the thought of Mahomes and Co. serving up a Basketball score in this game.

With Reid opting to use his starters for nearly a full game, Chiefs fans were expecting a confident performance in all areas of the field by the Chiefs on-field personnel with a view to answering their critics, but what Chiefs fans got was a harsh reality check.

So what happened? Here are a few of my takes on this game:

Chiefs Run-D

The Chiefs welcomed the return of Hitchens and Ragland as the two linebackers that would solidify the Defense and bulk up the run D. You have to remember both players haven’t been able to work together much during training camp and preseason but when it came to stopping the Bears running backs, they did a decent job. More games together will solve this.

Chiefs Cornerbacks

David Amerson and new signing Orlando Scandrick need to be made accountable for at least two of the Bears touchdowns. Former Chief backup QB Chase Daniel clearly knew the Chiefs defensive weaknesses and he exploited it time and time again.

Amerson was left for dust on multiple occasions by Bears WR Javon Wims and has all but confirmed the fears of Chiefs fans everywhere about his ability is press coverage, not only in this game but for almost every preseason game so far.

With this being Orlando Scandrick’s first game for the Chiefs we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt as he learns Bob Sutton’s Defense, but all eyes will be on him in the next game for sure.

The annoying thing is, the Chiefs had a lockdown corner last season and they gave him away for practically nothing. The decision to trade away Peters could be one of the worst decisions made by Chiefs organisation to date. Only time will tell.

Chiefs Reunion

It seemed like a former Chiefs reunion at Soldier Field, Knile Davis was ready to receive the kick off, only to be denied by a wayward kick out of bounds by Harrison Butker. This gave the Bears a great starting position on the Chiefs 40 to start their first drive. Chase Daniel led his offensive drives with a commanding presence, he had a point to prove, not only in his passing game but the with the freedom of movement outside of the pocket. Daniel had huge yardage gains from his ability to outsmart the Chiefs Defense and simply run the ball downfield. Tyler Bray also made a cameo appearance later in the game and did a decent job against his former teammates.

*Note to Bob Sutton, a QB spy is very much needed here.

Sammy Watkins

My concerns from the previous game about Watkins have not gone away. Another disappointing showing by the Chiefs WR catching only 1 pass in 4 for just 15 yards is hardly the the production from a big money player.


There were some positives from this game, Patrick Mahomes looked sharp, he read the blitz time and time again, he made adjustments when needed and kept the play alive with his ability to break from the pocket, which happened too many times if I’m being honest, but that’s for another time.

The receivers looked on point, catching everything thrown at them (with the exception of Watkins) and the O-line did its best to protect Mahomes against the blitz.

The return of De’Anthony Thomas was pleasing to see and he may have done enough to secure a roster spot after showing Tremon Smith how to effectively return a kick off with speed and precision, Thomas is not done yet.

For the “it’s just preseason” brigade, this game was a wake up call for the Chiefs starters playing against backups for nearly a full game and being outclassed in almost every department. The Chiefs Offense looks decent but the Defense, especially at CB, needs a lot of work.

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