Chiefs sign Cam Erving to an extension

Brett Veach never seizes to amaze us does he? Just as we thought he would be settling for a bit of down time, he goes out and gives Cam Erving a two year extension. The extension which equates up to $15.75M makes Erving the highest paid swing lineman in the NFL.

Erving, who the Chiefs gave up a fifth round pick for last year played in 13 games across a number of positions, without ever nailing down a starting spot on a consistent basis. He started the preseason as the Chiefs starting left guard, but hasn’t manage to impress yet. The Chiefs will now have higher expectations for a player they are investing a reasonable amount of money in.

Some will say that the money could have been spent elsewhere (myself included), but if he turns out to be  the answer at left guard, there won’t be too many complaints.




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