Predicting the end of season awards

It’s prediction week here at Arrowheads Abroad! That means it is the time of year where we pretend to know what we are talking about, only to be made to look stupid a few months later.

First up is the usual generic subjects that almost everyone has their opinion on, but rarely guess correctly.


Super Bowl teams and winner

Tom – Falcons vs Jaguars – Falcons win

Dave – Vikings vs Jaguars – Vikings win

Owen – Bears vs Steelers – Steelers win

Brad – Bears vs Jaguars – Bears win

Neil – Eagles vs Jaguars – Jaguars win

Andrew – Packers vs Patriots – Packers win

Jon – Rams vs Chargers – Rams win

Luke – Rams vs Chiefs – Chiefs win

League MVP

Tom – Aaron Rodgers

Dave – Kirk Cousins

Owen – Drew Brees

Brad – Pat Mahomes

Neil – Jalen Ramsey

Andrew – Aaron Rodgers

Jon – Christian McCaffrey

Luke – Pat Mahomes

Offensive player of the year

Tom – Tyreek Hill

Dave – Kirk Cousins

Owen – Le’veon Bell

Brad – Tyreek Hill

Neil – Carson Wentz

Andrew – Melvin Gordon

Jon – Tyreek Hill

Luke – Kareem Hunt

Defensive player of the year

Tom – Khalil Mack

Dave – Aaron Donald

Owen – Khalil Mack

Brad – Marcus Peters

Neil – Jalen Ramsey

Andrew – Jalen Ramsey

Jon – Khalil Mack

Luke – JJ Watt

Comeback player of the year

Tom – Odell Beckham Jr

Dave – Eric Berry

Owen – Aaron Rodgers

Brad – JJ Watt

Neil – Carson Wentz

Andrew – JJ Watt

Jon – Andrew Luck

Luke – Aaron Rodgers

Rookie of the year

Tom – Saquon Barkley

Dave – Saquon Barkley

Owen – Sam Darnold

Brad – Sam Darnold

Neil – Saquon Barkley

Andrew – Sam Darnold

Jon – Sam Darnold

Luke – Saquon Barkley

Coach of the year

Tom – Dan Quinn

Dave – Mike Zimmer

Owen – John Harbaugh

Brad – Matt Nagy

Neil – Doug Marrone

Andrew – Mike Vrabel

Jon – Antony Lynn

Luke – Andy Reid


As well as their Super Bowl picks Brad, Dave and Tom made their Chiefs game-by-game predictions on the latest Arrowheads Abroad podcast. Listen here.

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