Get to know the Los Angeles Chargers

This Sunday our old foe the LA Chargers play host to our Kansas City Chiefs.  So we thought we would help you get in the mood for game week by rekindling some old memories regarding the rivalry between the Chargers and the Chiefs.

Chiefs record vs the Chargers

60 – 54 – 1 (52.6%)

Best to play for both the Chargers and the Chiefs

Not a player, but this simply has to be Marty Schottenheimer. 10 wonderful years as a head coach at Arrowhead, including 9 winning seasons in a row – and then went to do the same job in San Diego and coaxed a 12-4 and a 14-2 record out of the Chargers during five offence-heavy years.

The Chiefs best game vs the Chargers

Maybe not everyone’s choice, but it’s the game that made me a Chief – 23 points each after 60 minutes, in a televised Monday night football game at Arrowhead, and then in overtime Tamarick Vanover returned punt 86 yards for a walk-off touchdown.

Some games you may have forgot

October 19 1986: Kansas City Chiefs 42 – San Diego Chargers 41

September 30 2007: Kansas City Chiefs 30 – San Diego Chargers 16

3 facts you may not know about the Chargers

The Chargers’ first owner was Barron Hilton, heir to the Hilton hotel group and grandfather of sex-tape-maker Paris Hilton.

Philip Rivers has led the NFL in completions, completion percentage, yards, touchdowns, interceptions, and passer rating – but all in different years.

The Chargers played in the highest scoring Superbowl ever. Sadly for them, they were on the wrong end of a 49-26 score line back in 1995.




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