Ones to watch – Chargers vs Chiefs

Kendall Fuller vs Keenan Allen 

Is this the start of a new cornerback vs wide receiver rivalry between the Chiefs and Chargers?

In Fuller you would have to admit the Chiefs have downgraded from Marcus Peters, but if ever there was a player that Peters struggled with, it was Keenan Allen. Fuller was one of the few Chiefs players that impressed in the preseason. Let’s hope he can carry his August form into L.A and shutdown Allen and Rivers.

Battle of the coaches

Andy Reid owns the AFC West, literally…

It has been said that on Father’s Day this year Anthony Lynn sent Reid a card and a Toblerone in the post. No matter how big the talent difference is on the field, the Chiefs will always have the advantage as long as Reid is their coach.

Kareem Hunt

Kareem Hunt is poised for a monster game.

The Chargers defence was terrible against the run last year, and with Corey Leggett and Joey Bosa out of the line-up, then Kareem could have a huge game, especially if Mahomes connects deep with Tyreek Hill or Sammy Watkins early.

The Chiefs safeties

Ron Parker and Eric Murray will have the eyes of the Chiefs Kingdom upon them with the absence of Eric Berry.

Despite beating the Chargers twice last season with Berry missing, we are all a lot more nervous about the secondary this time round. If these two can produce to the levels they are capable of, the Chiefs chances of winning will rise significantly.

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