Can you score too quickly?

Can you score too quickly?

Sunday night was fun to watch. Mahomes showcasing not just his arm strength but the touch and anticipation of a veteran, Ty Hill just being too fast for everyone else, Full Backs running routes like a WR, Andy Reid at his brilliant devious best near the goal line. This season is going to be great to watch from an offensive point of view.


However, it got me thinking. Can you score too quickly?


I think it would be fair to say the defence was less than impressive. Partly because of the new players still gelling, partly because the talent level looks somewhat mediocre. But it was also partly because they were on the field so much. Especially early on. It was 29C at kickoff, that’s pretty warm. In the 1st Qtr the D was on the field for 10:57 and faced 20 plays. In comparison, the Chiefs offence ran just 9 plays and had the ball for 4:03. The same tale could be told of the 4th Qtr, the defence faced 31 plays, the offence ran just 12. Overall the time of possession battle was firmly in the Chargers favour, 35 mins to 25.  If this D is to limit teams scoring ability they need help from the offence, 2 minute drives do the D no favours.


So, yes the D didn’t have a great day. Yes, Scandrick was torched twice for TDs, Yes, Houston barely got a mention all game. But throw the guys a little sympathy, they had a busy afternoon.

One thought on “Can you score too quickly?

  1. No, I don’t think so. I’d think you want to score every play, as quickly as you can. If you build up a big lead, then the opposing offense becomes more one dimensional and (theoretically – not necessarily for KC) it should be easier to stop. Yes, late in a close game, you want to be able to hang on to the ball, but even then, what’s better – a time consuming drive that eats some clock, but results in no score OR another quick touchdown? I’ll take touchdowns every time.

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