Chiefs @ Steelers – Our predictions

After a clean sweep last week, we have once again put our reputations (what reputations I hear you say) on the line by attempting to predict the outcome of this weekend’s mega clash against the Steelers.

Dave Barnett (1-0)

Chiefs 31 Steelers 17

After a fantastic start last week from Mahomes, I think the Chiefs offense keeps rolling against the Steelers. Although the defense still ahs question marks, after a poor performance from Rothlisberger last week and with Le’Veon Bell still missing, I don’t see the Steelers having quite enough to keep up. Chiefs win.

Tom Childs (1-0)

Chiefs 27 – Steelers 33

Until the Chiefs can prove otherwise I just cannot back them against Pittsburgh. Since Andy Reid come to town we have just the one victory against the Steelers, coming against a Landry Jones led team. Despite not having Le’veon Bell I just can’t bet against a team which still has Big Ben and Antonio Brown, despite out offensive superpowers.

Brad Symcox (1-0)

Chiefs 30 Steelers 27

I originally had this game down as a loss for the Chiefs in my preseason predictions, but having seen what this Offense can bring during the Chargers game, the Steelers defence will have a busy time choosing which weapons to handle first.  The Steelers D will bring the blitz a lot to try to nullify the threat as they always did against Alex Smith, but Mahomes’ ability to stand his ground combined with his quick release will ensure we see a shootout between him and Big Ben.  Both defences will be a non-factor, it’s all down to who has the better offense

Jon Cartwright (1-0)

Chiefs 31 Steelers 19

Trying my hardest not to get overconfident after a great week 1 – but if we beat Pittsburgh this week those floodgates will certainly open!

And there’s no reason why it shouldn’t happen: the Chiefs have so much offensive power in reserve after barely showing anything from Kelce or Hunt; either one could have a killer week 2. Steelers failing to beat the Browns shows what weaknesses they have, if only you’re able to exploit it. Mahomes and co will – FINALLY – do just that!



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