Houston, do we have a problem?

It’s fun watching the offence light up the scoreboard isn’t it?

It makes for a much more nervous experience when the opposition is doing the same.

Pittsburgh 2nd and goal at the KC 6, 3:24 to go in the game

(No Huddle, Shotgun) B.Roethlisberger pass short middle to J.Conner to KC 1 for 5 yards (D.Ford, J.Houston)

That was the first time I remember seeing Justin Houston all game. Considering the Steelers had already had about 300 passing downs and about a million passing yards at that point, I found it really strange that our two best pass rushers were in coverage and that was the first I could remember seeing one of them.

Over the course of the first two games of the season Houston has had 2 tackles and 3 assists according to NFL.com.  Now, I’ve not rewatched the games, only the highlights, but that stat passes my memory test.  Considering Houston is scheduled to make $20.6m this season, I’d like to think he’s having more effect than that!


So where does the problem lay?

Is he being dropped into coverage? If so, then he’s not exactly being effective when teams are putting up stellar passing yards on us.  It seemed like yesterday we were rushing just 3 an awful lot while Big Ben was having his way with the secondary.

Is he rushing the passer? He hasn’t even registered a QB pressure yet. We’ve faced 111 passing plays and registered two sacks. And it’s not like we haven’t known the pass was coming when we’ve not been behind all season!

You can’t put the defensive woes at the door of one person, but he is the one person we have on defence (sorry Chris Jones, you aren’t quite there yet) that can change the course of a game on his own.

We need to see more of that, starting at Arrowhead on Sunday.

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