Chiefs beat the Steelers – 3 stars

Another week, another win. As the Mahomes hype trains builds up to full speed, it’s easy to forget that football is a team game. That being said, here are my three stars from Sunday’s win over Pittsburgh.

Sammy Watkins – 6 receptions, 100 yards and 1 carry for 31 yards

We didn’t have to wait long for his breakout.

We had all wondered if the Chiefs may have over spent on a wide receiver that wouldn’t be the focal point of the Chiefs attack. Well if we are going to get more performances like this from Watkins, then he will prove worth every single penny.

Although he didn’t get himself a touchdown, Watkins proved a menace for the Steelers secondary, reeling in 6 passes for 100 yards, which included a nice boundary catch on a go route.

Travis Kelce – 7 receptions, 109 yards, 22 touchdowns

He wasn’t going to stay quiet for long was he?

After a so-so performance against the Chargers, Travis Kelce showcased all of his talents and proved himself a mismatch nightmare for the Steelers’ secondary. We’ve been longing for Kelce to get the supply on the intermediate route across the middle and down the seam. Now he has it, he could be stepping up another level.

Pat Mahomes – 23-28, 325 yards, 6 touchdowns

A superstar was born.

The Chargers game wasn’t a fluke. This kid is the real deal. In a game where we knew Mahomes would have to play out of his skin for the Chiefs to stand a chance, and boy howdy did he deliver. His poise and patience in the pocket to stand there and pick apart the Steelers defence was the most impressive of all oh his skills on display. It was a performance well beyond his years.

We have a stud Chiefs Kingdom, we’re in for a fun 10/15 years.



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