Fan Friday – #40 Corey Jones

Name:  Corey Jones aka “The Artist Chief”
Membership number: 40
Location: Springfield MO, USA
Occupation: Fedex Express is my day job but I’m trying to become a full-time professional artist.
Chiefs fan since: 1989 (age 11)
Favourite current Chiefs player: Chris Jones
Favourite ever Chiefs player:  Tony Gonzalez
Favourite Chiefs memory: Tailgating with fellow AA members from across the pond, Oct. 2nd 2017 for MNF.
Worst Chiefs memory: The playoff loss to the Colts a few years ago (Thanks for bringing that up!)
Interesting fact about yourself: I paint pictures of Chiefs players and have given artwork to Dante Hall, Christian Okoye, Charcandrick West, BJ Kissel, Larry Johnson, Chris Jones, and Patrick Mahomes. All of them took a photo (individually) with my artwork!
Other sports teams: The St. Louis Cardinals, The St. Louis Blues, Mizzou Football, Sporting KC, and The Lakers.
Your perfect non NFL Sunday: Any kind of family get together with good food on the grill and a football to toss around.
You can take three people on to a desert island with you, who and why:
My two kids, because I can’t live without them, and Anna Faris, she’s attractive and funny and would keep us entertained.
What does Arrowheads Abroad mean to you: Being able to build friendships with people from different countries, and share our love for the Chiefs. And the constant self-reminder that we live in different time-zones.

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