Ones to watch – Chiefs vs 49ers

The Chiefs return to Arrowhead this Sunday. 76,000 of you will be there to welcome Pat Mahomes home. A moment we have been waiting decades for. It’s going to be a wonderful thing.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

But who could be the difference makers this Sunday?

Rueben Foster

Foster will be returning to the 49ers line up this Sunday after serving a suspension for the first couple of games. Like Mahomes he is an impactful second round player that his team believe they can build around. In 2017 the 49ers had a record of 6-4 with him playing, compared to 0-6 without. Look out for him getting after Mahomes & co on Sunday.

Sammy Watkins, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill

The 49ers are very good at defending the run, so for the Chiefs to have some success they will once again have to rely on their spread/west coast passing offense. With the 49ers struggling for fitness in the secondary, this trio of receivers could be in for some huge yardage.

The Arrowhead crowd

Man o’ man do I wish I was at Arrowhead on Sunday. After an amazing road trip, Pat Mahomes will be welcomed to Arrowhead for the first time for a meaningful football game. It’s going to be lit.

When this team is playing well and feeling good, the Chiefs faithful can elevate a team even higher. They can also make it a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks. This should be the toughest and most hostile atmosphere Jimmy G has played in at the pro level. It’s time to do your thing Arrowhead.

It’s not all bad for me though. I will be at the Hippodrome Casino in London with my Arrowheads Abroad brethren for our first official watch party of the year.

Pat Mahomes

Do I really need to explain why? There is nothing else I can say to get you more excited about watching this kid. Instead here’s a picture I found on the internet earlier this week.

mahomes rodgers

Be sure to show your Packers friends this. They’ll love it.


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