49ers @ Chiefs – Our predictions

As a group we went 3-1 last week, with Tom being the only pessimist amongst us.

Dave Barnett (2-0)

49ers 17 Chiefs 38

Chiefs offense keeps rolling in Mahomes’ first start at what is sure to be a rocking Arrowhead Stadium. Chiefs defense will be buoyed by the home crowd and not look completely terrible…

Tom Childs (1-1)

49ers 24 Chiefs 51

It’s week 3 and not a single person has come out with the definitive answer to stopping this offense. Until I hear or see the answers then I can’t bet against the Chiefs at the moment, especially against a team with an offense no way near as potent as the Chargers or Steelers.

Brad Symcox (2-0)

49ers 17 Chiefs 37

As mentioned on the podcast, I think the Chiefs offense will start fast as they did against the Chargers and Steelers, the 49ers will find it difficult to keep scoring as Mahomes & Co. keep piling on the pressure. Bob Sutton will start the prevent defence far too early again, maybe for the whole 4th quarter, which will give the 49ers some consolation. The Cheetah (the real one) will bag 2 Touchdowns.

Jon Cartwright (2-0)

49ers 13 Chiefs 38

I’m not a religious person, but the last two weeks have convinced me: Mahomes is the second coming. I’m all in!

This team has an unstoppable offence. Who will shine on Sunday? Impossible to say which player (or players) the roulette wheel will stop on this time. But it’ll be great to watch – 450 yards of total offence, and a Chiefs win in front of a ROCKING Arrowhead. The time is now – don’t break my heart again.



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