Mahomes & Co. beat 49ers with first half dominance

49ers 27 – 38 Chiefs

Arrowhead expects, that’s the feeling when it comes to watching the Chiefs play a home opener. Week 3 was finally here and with most Chiefs fans watching the first two weeks from their TV screens, the buildup to the Week 3 matchup against the 49ers had seen the Chiefs win back-to-back on the road in L.A. and Pittsburgh, the stage was set for an excited Arrowhead crowd to get their first glimpse of Mahomes & Co. up close and personal for the first time on home soil … but nothing could’ve prepared the Kingdom for what was about to unfold!

From the very first drive, Mahomes found his receivers with another commanding, veteran-like performance. The Arrowhead crowd didn’t have to wait long to witness history either as the 23 year old broke the NFL record of 12 Touchdown passes in the first 3 weeks of a season (held by Peyton Manning since 2013) by completing 13 total Touchdown Passes in just 2.5 games after adding Demetrius Harris, Sammy Watkins and Chris Conley to the scoreboard.

The most impressive play of the night was Mahomes’ pass to Chris Conley, if you haven’t seen it yet, make it your sole purpose in life to view it as it has to be seen to be believed.

Kareem Hunt had another good day at the office having grabbed two short yard Touchdowns as the Chiefs raced their way to a 35-7 lead and you’d be forgiven for thinking the Chiefs Offense would dial up a 50 Burger on the 49ers.

As the Kingdom began to dream of a 3-0 start by halftime, reality struck at the restart. The 49ers Defense managed to halt the onslaught of the Mahomes led Offense by stopping the first two drives and using their Running-backs, Morris & Brieda to great effect to slice their way through the Chiefs defensive line. Early in the 3rd Quarter Marquise Goodwin was found with what seemed like the whole field to himself for an easy Touchdown and Alfred Morris followed that up with a short yard touchdown to bring the 49ers back within touching distance of the Chiefs at 35-24.

Harrison Butker managed to add a little distance with another faultless kicking display before the 49ers Quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, was carted off the field with a suspected knee injury, this was later diagnosed as a possible torn ACL.

The Chiefs always looked in control of the game from the very first drive and although Chiefs fans everywhere suffered yet another heart stopping defensive collapse, it’ll take one special opposition Offense to keep up with the Chiefs Offense this season.

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