A disappointing win?

I couldn’t get my head around it last night, I still can’t get my head around it today.

We won, again, by double figures. Unbeaten, 3-0. The offence put up 38 points again (without playing that well). Nothing to be sniffed at. A long distance from some really terrible Chiefs teams. Brodie Croyle and Tyler Palko at QB. Ouch. 2-14 season in 2008.

And yet the overriding feelings after yesterday’s game was relief and disappointment.   This should have been a complete blow out. Half time, up 35-10 the second half should have been an enjoyable occasion but I always had the niggly feeling that the 49ers were somehow going to get back into the game.


The offence couldn’t possibly play as well as in the first half. 5 drives, 5 touchdowns, the ball spread all around. It was really a thing of beauty. Then the second half comes and it seemed we switched to short and safe stuff. In the 3rd quarter we completed 2 drives which between them spanned 9 plays, 4 minutes and 18 yards. Did the 49ers suddenly learn how to tackle? I doubt that. For this offence to really shine it needs to attack all levels of the field. In the first half there were plenty of deep shots, some were made, some were missed. But the 49ers had to respect the whole field because the ball could go anywhere. 3rd quarter and they didn’t have that deep pass concern. Another touchdown would have well and truly put the game to bed, go out there and get it! Try a couple of deep shots off play action if they are looking to stop us bleeding the clock down.


The defence was terrible again, but they did just enough at just the right time to prevent a nervy last 5 minutes. Although a major hat tip to the 49ers for dinking a 17 play, 8:30 drive that took half the 4th quarter.  I’d love to have someone explain the decision to kick a field goal at the end of it too. You’re down 14 with 5 minutes to go!!!! You need a touchdown. So what if it’s 4th down.  Chances of you getting the ball back twice and scoring a field goal and touchdown with 2 point conversion are way less than converting a 4th and 7 I’d guess.


Overall you have to be happy with a win, but you have to be able to put a game to bed and we didn’t do that yesterday. It can come back to bite you (I’m getting flashbacks to the Titans and Colts playoff games here).

Now I’m off to watch Pat Mahomes highlights to remind me how times are different…

One thought on “A disappointing win?

  1. It seems to be a common theme with Andy Reid teams- we just can’t seem to put anyone away. I started wondering why and, though i cant explain years past, i think i can for this year. Maybe im giving reid too much credit, but i think with the huge leads we are getting early, he is shrinking the playbook so as not to show too much and save some things for later, better teams. His conservative play calling late yesterday was frustrating, but also completely understandable if you think about it. There was truly no need to keep tipping our hand just to run up the score on a promising, but actually mediocre team like the Niners. The game was out of hand, in reality. It’s just that our defense isnt good enough to have kept it a blowout. I believe that, if we really wanted to, we could have gone down and scored just like before, but the name of the game in the fourth quarter was to run down the clock. So, that’s what Reid did.

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