Chiefs @ Broncos – Ones to watch

Von Miller

The thorn in Smith’s side for many years; now he turns his attention to our brand new quarterback. On his day Von Miller is the best defender in the league. Being a big game disrupter, the Chiefs will have their work cut out in stopping Miller getting to Mahomes.

Tyreek Hill

Tyreek Hill took off in a big way 2 years ago in Mile High. If he is to repeat his performance this weekend, then the Chiefs should have too much for the Broncos to keep up.

Case Keenum

It’s hardly been a lightning start from Keenum has it. After playing extremely well for the Vikings last year, Keenum has flatted to deceive so far. This Chiefs defence has been very kind to opposing quarterbacks so far this season. Keenum will be hoping this trend continues Monday night.


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