Fan Profile – #92 Sam Matthews

Name: Sam Matthews

Membership number:   #092

Location:   Weston-super-Mare

Occupation:  Accountant

Chiefs fan since:  2016

Favourite current Chiefs player:  In two seasons I have not seen Travis Kelce have a bad game to memory. However I have to admit that no player gets me more excited than Tyreek Hill when the ball is in his hands, so I’d have to say Tyreek.

Favourite ever Chiefs player:  Marcus Peters – absolute ball hawk and me typing his name will remind Tom Childs that we traded him for peanuts. Sorry, Tom.

Favourite Chiefs memory:   @ Patriots – Week 1 2017

Worst Chiefs memory:  Any game against the Steelers since I have been a fan

Interesting fact about yourself:   I have a Degree in Maths and was a semi-pro magician for beer money at University

Other sports teams:  Season ticket holder at Bristol City FC & I play cricket for Uphill Castle CC

Your perfect non NFL Sunday:  A game of six-aside followed by a big roast dinner

You can take three people on to a desert island with you, who and why: 
James Acaster for the comedy
Phillip Schofield for the sesh
Rachel Riley for “maths”
What does Arrowheads Abroad mean to you:  A great bunch of people who could not have been more welcoming since I became a fan 2 years ago.
Oh, and my god they can drink.

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