Get to know the Denver Broncos

It’s probably fair to say that the Denver Broncos have had the best of the AFC West spoils in the 21st century, but it looks like that that the tide is turning in recent times with the Chiefs now holding all of the cards in this match up. That being said we decided to look back at what has been an intense rivalry.

Chiefs record vs the Broncos

61 – 54 (53.0%)

Best to play for both the Broncos and the Chiefs

Tempted to say Jamaal… but 99% of what he did was as a Chief. So I will say Neil Smith instead. One of the very best defensive players of his time, Smith was drafted number 2 overall by the Chiefs in 1988, and went on to rack up 5 consecutive Pro Bowl call-ups as well as being the 1993 league leader in sacks. After moving to Denver he won two Superbowl rings as well as adding another Pro Bowl selection.

The Chiefs best game vs the Broncos

2016: Chiefs 30 Broncos 27

This game had it all – a Tyreek Hill monster kick off return, regular changes of lead, a last second touchdown which needed a 2-December 18 1983: Kansas City Chiefs 48 – Denver Broncos 17point conversion to send the game to overtime, a missed chance for Denver to snatch the game, and finally a winning kick in off the post as overtime expired. …and a lot of very, very tired overseas Chiefs fans dragging themselves into work after literally minutes of sleep!

Some games you may have forgot

January 3 2010: Kansas City Chiefs 44 – Denver Broncos 24

December 18 1983: Kansas City Chiefs 48 – Denver Broncos 17

September 24 2000: Kansas City Chiefs 23 – Denver Broncos 22

3 facts you may not know about the Broncos

The Broncos franchise started its life playing games at Bears Stadium – named after the old Denver Bears baseball team. It was later renamed to Mile High Stadium.

Von Miller’s middle name is B’Vsean. Don’t ask me how that is pronounced!

John Elway was drafted by Kansas City… the Royals that is! They drafted him in the 1979 Major League Baseball draft (they also drafted Dan Marino in the same draft, they must have been smoking some strong stuff back then!)


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