Chiefs @ Broncos – Our predictions

A clean sweep for the Arrowheads Abroad team last week. What will week four bring?

Tom Childs (2-1)

Chiefs 31 Broncos 24

The Chiefs offense will slow down a tad but not too much. Mahomes will shine in primetime but it will be the defence that get the job done in the closing moments.

Brad Symcox (3-0)

Chiefs 51 Broncos 24

As I mentioned on the Arrowheads Abroad podcast, I feel very confident in the Chiefs Offense to dial up a 50 burger on the Broncos.

The game will start like the previous 3 games, the Chiefs will start strong to force the Broncos into their passing game.  Case Keenum will throw 2 interceptions and have another woeful night trying to keep up with the pace of the Chiefs Offense.

The Broncos defence fear Mahomes and will be preoccupied about getting to him all night. They’ll get some sacks, but Patrick’s ability to recognise the blitz will enable him to pick apart the Broncos secondary at will.  It’s going to be a fun night Chiefs fans.

Jon Cartwright (3-0)

Chiefs 21 Broncos 24

Week 4 at Mile High feels like a classic trap game. Divisional games are always well-contested and  close affairs (see Denver’s 20-19 win over Oakland recently). And form can go out of the window (thinking back to our last second defeat by the Raiders last year). I fear the Broncos will grind out enough on their ground game to tire our defence, and keep our offence on the sideline for long spells – which is the only way to keep Patrick Mahomes quiet.

I’m still confident we are on the road to the post-season, but week 4 is one of the bumps on that road.

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