That’s MY Quarterback

We’d been waiting for yesterday for years. Watching in envy as other teams had Quarterbacks that would sling it all over the park like Manning, Favre, Rodgers, Brady. All the while we were making do with other team’s cast offs or the result of some very questionable scouting and drafting.  Living in fear of being down by more than 7 points. In the first quarter. Knowing that it would take nothing short of a miracle to come back if that deficit slipped into double figures.

Fear no more my friends.

A new day is here, one filled with endless potential. Down by 10 on our own 25 with 12:52 to go with the offence shooting themselves in the foot left, right and centre. Not wanting to diss what Alex Smith brought to the team but could you imagine how the rest of the game would have gone if he was still the man? Confident in a comeback? No, me either.

Step forward Patrick Mahomes. 23 years old, completely unfazed by the situation.  Big players make big plays in big games and he is without doubt a big player. The ensuing two drives were a catalogue of him making things happen.

3rd and 16 at KC 31. No problem, hit Hill for 15.

4th and 1? Not a bother, try Hunt for 22.

1st and 20 after a penalty? Hit Kelce for 19.

12 plays, 95 yards in 6:20. Touchdown.

Now as bad as the D were through the game I have to acknowledge the 3 and out they forced here was absolutely crucial. Get the ball back on the KC 40 with 4:35 to go and I’m not wondering if we’ll score but if we’ll score too quickly!

2nd and 30 on KC 31? Sure why not hit Robinson for 23.

3rd and 7? Roll right, string it out long enough and hit Harris for 35.


Just look at all those passes around the 20 to 30 yards mark. Most of those are plays where Mahomes was flushed from the pocket, on the move and still hit someone downfield. He threw for over 190 yards from outside the pocket on the move. He keeps plays alive with his sense of pressure and ability to avoid it. He keeps his eyes down the field all the time. He makes plays.


How about his QB rating? This chart is just insane! There are just two areas on the field where he isn’t considered above average and both of those he’s considered average.  Again look in that area around 20 yards. 143.8, 149.3 and 136.3 for passer ratings is just ridiculous. He’s only played 5 games!!!

Completing two thirds of his passes with an overall rating of 137.4. That’s what an ELITE Quarterback can do.  That’s what MY Quarterback can do.

Oh and he can throw left handed too…

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