Jaguars sign ex-Chiefs star Jamaal Charles

News broke earlier this evening that the Jaguars had signed veteran free agent running back Jamaal Charles. Their running backs are full of injuries this season, Leonard Fournette is still on the bench with a hamstring injury that kept him out of the week 5 game against the Chiefs, their second option, T.J. Yeldon has a light ankle injury and their third string, Corey Grant, is on injury reserve due to a Lisfranc injury. Therefore the Jaguars desperately needed another back to fill the hole; and, according to the Jacksonville front office, they found their guy.


The ex-Chiefs star, who’s now entering his 11th season in the league, was drafted by KC way back in 2008. He had a great career during his time with us reaching 4 pro-bowls and also had 2 all-pro selections; once in 2010 and again in 2013.


After tearing his ACL early in the 2015 season, which meant he missed 12 games, he then went on to only play 3 games the following year too. By then, the Kareem Hunt had been drafted and we still had confidence in our back-up Spencer Ware, so the Chiefs would’ve been stupid to not drop Jamaal; despite how good his career was in Kansas City.


However he was picked up by the Denver Broncos and spent the entirety of last season there; playing in 14 games with 296 yards off of 69 attempts and only 1 touchdown. Not the best stats, however the running back position does have the shortest average career-length in the NFL and therefore, at 30 years old, it’s no surprise that his numbers weren’t great.


That leads us to now, 5 weeks into the season and Charles has found a home. Personally I’m happy for the guy, he deserves his career to continue after the great number he put up for us back in the day (7260 yards and 43 touchdowns in 9 years).



On the other hand, I don’t think this is a good move by the Jags. Charles’ best days are behind him at this point, partially due to injury, but more to do with his age. I guess they had the mindset of “If you can’t beat them… sign one of their ex-players and hope for the best”?


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