Fan Friday – #75 Andrew Brown

Name: Andrew Brown. Real name on passport Thomas Brown. Long story.

Membership number: #75

Location: Coventry, West Midlands

Occupation: Learning & Development Facilitator, Local Government

Chiefs fan since: 1990

Favourite current Chiefs player: Travis Kelce. In a way I think that he is more important to the club than either Hill or Hunt. Am looking forward to seeing how Mahomes does this year.

Favourite ever Chiefs player:  Joe Montana. I know that he only came at the tail end of his career, but he was such a positive influence on the team.

Favourite Chiefs memory: Being at Arrowhead for the Washington game last season. My other favourites would be the OT win in Denver in 2016, always nice to get one over them, but that one was particularly funny, and the opening day win in NE last season. Think that made everyone go ‘wow’! I enjoyed my Wembley trip in 2015, but it didn’t turn out to be much of a contest! Favourite play has to be the Hill Mary. That was just a one-off!

Worst Chiefs memory: Numerous play off disappointments, each one as bad as the others. Failing to make home advantage count. Other than 1993 when we made the AFC Championship Final against Buffalo (yes, Buffalo used to be a good team), it’s been a lot of mediocrity and failure! Other than the play off failures, the Raiders game in Oakland this season with about 50 plays after time had expired… was in such a bad mood after watching that. I don’t think that I was the only one!

Interesting fact about yourself: Have performed on stage with both Johnny Morris (Children’s TV Presenter) and Richard Baker (BBC News Presenter). Younger viewers may need to google these!

Other sports teams: Liverpool FC (Season Ticket Holder), Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey (Season Ticket Holder), Great Britain Ice Hockey (supporters club member). Also enjoy a bit of cricket (England and Warwickshire). KC Royals, although my record watching them live now stands at oh-and-two. L

Your perfect non NFL Sunday: To be honest most of my weekends are taken with either sport or holidays! A nice day trip to the beach on a hot sunny day would be nice. We can all dream.

You can take three people on to a desert island with you, who and why: I think that everyone who knows me would be very surprised if I didn’t mention Kylie Minogue here. At least she would make me feel tall. Tom Baker, the best actor to ever play the Doctor. Such an interesting man too. Mickey Murphy the baker from Camberwick Green. He can bake me a cake so that I don’t go hungry.
What does Arrowheads Abroad mean to you: I heard about the group on a Sky broadcast one night, and googled it. I was really keen to do the Arrowhead trip last year, and as soon as I met everyone at the airport knew that we were a big family. Will always try to attend any AA events when fixtures and holidays allow! These are the people who are encouraging me to stay up till 4am on a school night, such a bad influence!

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