Hill has to go but the NFL must protect the Chiefs

Just 5 months after the Chiefs released Kareem Hunt for kicking a woman, the Kansas City Chiefs now have to deal with another upsetting and ugly situation. 24 hours after it being announced that Tyreek Hill would not face criminal charges, KCTV released audio which likely spells the end of Tyreek Hill’s time in Kansas City and hopefully the NFL.

I am sure by now you have all heard the content of the audio but if you haven’t, trust me when I say it’s hard to listen to and unforgivable. No child should face ‘discipline’ via punches to the chest and via belts. No one should live in fear at their own home.

The Chiefs should absolutely do the right thing in the coming days and cut Hill. However I expect them to hold on to see how the league reacts. Although they were absolutely right to cut Hunt back in December, there is a feeling amongst many Chiefs fans that the only ones who lost out on the situation were the Chiefs. The Browns got a great player and Hunt got a contract. The Chiefs were left with their morals and good for them, but I would not blame them for feeling hard done by.

Now we have to wait and see if the NFL does right by the Chiefs and ban him for life, but we know from previous experiences this isn’t how the NFL works. For too long, players that break the law have been protected because of the talent they possess. By banning Hill, the NFL would finally be taking a strong stance against abusive players, and would protect its’ teams by taking the decision to cut Hill out of Clark Hunt’s and Brett Veach’s hands.

When Hill entered the league he was already on much thinner ice than other rookies. For year’s it appeared that Hill was a changed man. He is widely regarded as a top 5 receiver in the league; He had been showcased with Usain Bolt at the Super Bowl; He was even due a $100m contract. The Chiefs gave him his second chance in life but unfortunately for everyone involved he blew it, and must be punished accordingly.

With Hill’s days numbered the Chiefs now have a huge void to fill at receiver. Not only was Tyreek Hill the most dynamic player in the game, he also accounted for 29% of the Chiefs receiving yards in 2018. Production that simply cannot be replaced by the likes of Byron Pringle, Demarcus Robinson and Gehrig Dieter.

As we all try and look forward to the Chiefs finally entering the 2019 NFL draft tonight, Chiefs GM Brett Veach has the added headache of trying to find a WR worthy of the number 1 or 2 spot on the depth chart. Not an easy thing to do when there are still other holes at Corner, Safety and Tight End.

After many were expecting a very defensive draft, it all of a sudden appears that the Chiefs’ offense has the holes to fill. But I would sooner have the holes on the offense than a person like Tyreek Hill on the roster.

You had it all Tyreek . . . and you blew it.

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